Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Ironhorn Tribe: The Herd Gathers

As Call to Arms 2015 nears i am preparing my Legions of Chaos Tzeentch Army for the event. While it does use the Legions of Chaos list its mainly a Beastmen army with 2 non Beastmen units. Below are some of the models for the completed army.

My Flying Doombull complete with 3+ ward save

The 3 Razorgors

Etch Exalted of Tchar

Hopefully the army will be completed before the 15th of August. I currently get 6 Gor done a weekend and have 19 to go as well as the a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch and a Hellcannon. There will be a Tournament report for CTA 2015 and it will be a narrative tournament report.

Before i go i just wanted to announce that this blog now has Twitter Account, follow this link to go to the account or search for the TheDiceOdyssey (all one word), it will be mainly used to announce new posts, show off models that i have recently finished painting an allow me to express thoughts to small to warrant their own post. Until next time.   


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    1. Thanks Herman, are you thinking of going to CTA?

  2. That is a really great looking army!!!

    1. Cheers. I will have a full army shot posted when its all done