Saturday, 27 July 2013

CTA Practice Vs Beastmen

This Thursday i had another game in preparation for the upcoming Call to Arms tournament. This time around it was against David, the club captain at my local gaming club, who was using Beastmen. The game was 1500 points in size (not exactly CTA size but any game counts as practice at this point). My list had

A level 4 lifeweaver w/ divination orb

A Noble BSB w/ the Hail of Doom Arrow

2 units of 10 Glade Guard with Musician

1 unit of 12 Glade Guard with Musician

1 unit of 14 Glade Guard with Musician

1 unit of 16 Glade Guard with Musician

1 (yes just one) treeman

David had (from memory)

A level 4 Great Bray Shaman w/ lore of the wild

A BSB with banner of etrnal flame

A level 2 Bray Shaman w/ Lore of beasts


2x 20 Gor w/ Full Command

15 Bestigor w/ Fullcommand

1 Cygor

The Battle field looked like this:

Deployment came up next with my elves forming a arrow line, and David's beasts deploying with the chariots hiding behind one of the gor blocks on the left flank and the rest of his forces on the right flank

Wood elf deployment

Beastmen deployment
I have learned throughout my time with warhammer to never internally declare victory until the game is over, and this game helped cement that point. The first couple of turns went well with my archers reaping a far toll. The treeman tried to solo the Bestigors but died, the glade guard avenged him and shot up the besitgors.
The right flank

The left flank showdown between glade guard, gors and chariots

The treeman holding back the bestigors

The Left flank went well, the glade guard their saw off 20 gors and 2 chariots only losing one unit of 12 glade guard when one of the chariots got into.

The left flank showdown.

With the gors out of the way the solo surviving chariot makes contact with the glade guard

With the wood elves dead the chariot is left exposed......

......And moments later is pin cushioned
Things were going well, the beastmen were in disarray. And then the great shaman got off savage domain and with a puff of beast smoke a gorgon appeared on my right flank.

Wait where did that come from????
So i deployed a time honored elven tactic and fled from the monster, double fled at times. As i had 4 units of glade guard remaining i could double flee and still bring two units worth of shots to bear. I managed to murder the first one, and then with his last breath the Great bray shaman summoned another. I kept on double fleeing and shooting until my opponent  realized that he needed to bre really lucky to catch the elves and very graciously conceded
The double flee in action.
David told me after the game that this was his first game of fantasy in a year, knowing that i would say he put up a very good fight and was a very pleasant opponent. With CTA only a week away at the time of writing every game of warhammer helps to hone my tactics with the wood elves.

Thank you for reading and unitl next time.