Friday, 12 July 2013

The Hunt Begins

The Hunt Begins.

Last night was gaming night at my local club and so I took the space wolves out for their first couple of games. I had pre designed the list (partly to act as a what-to-buy-next list and partly because I am not a fan of making up lists on the night) which included:

Wolf Lord with Thunder Hammer, Storm Bolter, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Belt of Russ, Saga of Majesty, and Runic Armour.

Rune Priest with Master of the Runes, Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning and Tempests Wrath. (Proxied for this game as a IG Lieutenant)

2 Squads of 10 Grey Hunters with Power Fist, Mark of the Wulfen and 2 Plasma Guns. (1 squad proxied this game as a squad of IG veterans)

3 Thunder (Wonder) Wolves with storm shields and Frost Axe.

My opponent for the evening was an elder player. From memory his list included.

1 Autarch (with some scary one-per-army elder combat weapon)

1 squad of 15 dire avengers Exarch

1 squad of 5 dire avengers Exarch

1 Squad of 6 Fire dragons with Exarch

1 Squad of 5 Dark Reapers with Exarch

1 Squad of 6 Shadow Spectres with Exarch (A forge world aspect)

1 Squad of 5 wraith guard with scary guns

Game one was set up like thus.

The village

The other part of the village
I got lucky and rolled first for deployment. I deployed the Non proxied grey hunters and the wolf lord on the far right by the forest. The Thunder Wolves deployed next to the non proxied grey hunter, while the Rune Priest (running solo) and the 2nd grey hunter squad deployed to the left of the 3 buildings in the center of the table.

The hunt assembles

My opponent deployed all his Dire Avengers, with Autarch and Dark Reapers near the center of the board behind a wall, his Wraith Guard were deployed opposite my Wolf lord and GH, with his fire dragons and shadow specters in reserve. 

The Eldar deployment

The wraith guard hiding in the woods with the eldar reserves in the background
I would have had the first turn but the trisky eldar player seized the initiative and went first, I should have taken this as a bad omen because things went wrong. Some of the most amusing were: The thunder wolves failing to charge a fire dragon squad 8 inches away with re-rolls.
The not-so-wonder wolves in action

Other wonderful points in the game included the wolf lord being snap shoted by wraith guard as he and his unit charged them and getting instantly murdered.

The Rune priest and second grey hunter squad got shot by the dark reapers, in the case of the second grey hunter squad before they even drew blood. The rune priest made himself quite useful and zzzappped some shadow specters and dire avengers.

The Rune Priest's psykic attack was so powerful it caused the image to blur
Another high point was grey hunter squad one and the wolf lord killing 2 wraith guard with shooting alone. They then suffered at the hands of their victims via snap shots but that’s beside the point.

Yes i really do consider killing two wraith guard a high point of the game

My last act of the game was the aforementioned charge of first grey hunter squad and wolf lord. Before actual close quarters combat began the fight looked like this.

Looks even(ish)
After round one the combat looked the same, then the dire avengers and Autarch charged in.The amount of dice he rolled was terrifying .

Things now look rather grim
Needless to say I lost that combat and the first game.

I did manage though to learn a few things about how the space wolves play, so it wasn’t a total loss.
The grey hunters didnt survive the dice storm

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