Monday, 15 July 2013

The Wood Elves go to War, Call to Arms 2013

Sometime ago when i decided to return to warhammer i decided start going to tournaments. My last tournament was waaay back in the past in 2007 when i came 3rd place in the warhammer fantasy section of the then GW run Conflict tournament. There were only 6 players that year but i am still proud of what i achieved that day. Now i am going to this years Call to Arms event held in wellington on the 3th to the 4th of August. And i am taking wood elves. 

To say that this is a daunting event for me is a understatement, i am well aware that wood elves are one of the most under powered (perhaps thee most under powered) army in warhammer right now. However my list is designed to use only the best wood elf units.To sum it up it contains, Archers, Mages and Treemen.
Forget the hills, its the woods that have eyes
So a wood elf list with nothing but bows, trees and life magic. Do i think that this will win me games? No. While i do have a good idea of how to use this list there are things that will give me issues, flyers, war machines and monstrous cav are some of the units that will give me a run for my money and stretch my capabilities with my army. At the time of writing there are 22 players signed up to CTA, i do hope to come somewhere in the top 50%. But thats all down to my performance on the day and what my opponent has in his army. 

Well thanks for reading my ramble, i will leave you with images from my wood elf army. Unitl next time.
The mage and BSB, two characters that are required for a Wood Elf win
My custom made forest dragon riding noble


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