Monday, 21 October 2013

We interrupt your normal programming......

I have long internally debate about if i should post non war gaming related content to this blog. Yes it is my blog but my audience comes here expecting war gaming related content and i am more than happy to provide that.  However after coming home from work today i looked at my youtube subscriptions to see a video that, after watching, i decided i had to talk about.

I play video games, in my spare time when i am not working, eating, sleeping, painting, going out to see friends or war gaming. And in order to avoid spending 90 or so dollars on a bad video game i have subscribed to a YouTube channel called TotalBiscuit (A professional video game reviewer) who has saved me from buying many games that looked good on paper (or in this case game trailers). When i got back home today i saw the below video in my subscription list and, interested by the title i decided to take a look, i will allow Mr Biscuit to explain further.

Now i think we can all agree that, regardless if we play video games or not, we all find reviews of things we are interested in, be they warhammer army books, movies, T.V shows or video games, useful. And the idea that a company could remove a negative review at whim reflects badly on both that company and the site that hosted the video. So i echo TotalBiscuit's call to spread the word about this, and who knows, perhaps the video may be allowed to be re uploaded and continue to save people money.

I dont plan to do many of these non warhammer related posts but i felt that the subject in this case was important enough to warrant it and video games and wargaming aren't that different and many of those who war game also play video games and visa versa.

Normal programing will resume after this post, that will certainly include my report on Skitter leap and my showcasing of my new Treeman Ancient (go Wood Elves). Until next time.

Rex "I Love Trees" Foote

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