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Wood Elf Rumours and Skitterleap Lists

Recently a rumour thread for wood elves popped up on Warseer, since the wood elf book was bought out in September 2005 (and the fact that wood elves are hands down my favourite fantasy army and so i take any and all chances to talk about them) any news/ rumours is good news at this stage. Now the rumours themselves were first found on a Spanish site and translated to English, so some of the sentences structures may not make sense.

Wood Elf Warseer Rumors

ASF for all elves
Eye of the falcon:elves only,reroll 1 to hit,only shooting
Forest spirits:instability,magic attacks,5+ inv,harmony with the woods Elven bows:quick to fire,+1str,1 extra rank
Searath:HtH wepon,+1 str,lance i guess +1 AS ( going by the nam it's weapon eternal guards have right now after all)

Glade guard:elven bow/eye of the falcon
Eternal guard:S4,Searath,Ld 8
Glade riders:=
Dryads:fighting forms
Warhawk riders:eye of the falcon,lance,elfic bow
Riders of Kurnous:Searath,Ld 8,Str 4,A2 (no idea if the come directly on stags)
Treekin: Forest Spirit,=
Bansees: Forest Spirit,wail (breath attack),terror
Eagle's claw:= (this makes me think these are simply great eagles and he confused the name with the high elves' ballista )
Wardancers:= save for a few changes that i don't know
Waywatchers:forest spirits,elven bow
Treeman:= i believe
Hot-tempered millenarian:eternal hatred,don't know what else. 

So there are a few things there that catch my eye, first is the eye of the falcon rule, which would allow wood elves to re roll 1s on shooting to hit rolls. This rule seems to in keeping in line with the High Elves and Dark Elves Marital and Murderous Prowess, and would be fairly useful, it would allow a few more shots to find their mark, nothing too game changing or over powered.

The next item of interest is the Elven bow, which here is listed as +1 Strength ( i assume that means they are strength 4), quick to fire and 1 extra rank (Fire in one extra rank). This is overall an improvement on the old glade guard long bow, mostly due to being able to always stand and shoot (thank you quick to fire). The fire in 1 extra rank sounds good but i am skeptical of its usefulness, i have never felt the need to deploy my glade guard in anything other than 2 ranks but other wood elf players may find this addition useful.

The list of unit ideas is interesting, bringing back Dryad fighting forms would be useful, esspically if they bring back the old Dryad forms from the 5th ed Wood Elf book. Perhaps the 2 biggest things to note here would be that waywacthers may gain both forest spirit and elven bows, making them actually useful. The second point is the last item on that list, Hot-tempered millenarian:eternal hatred. The Folks on Warseer seem to think that Hot-tempered millenarian means Treeman Ancient. Giving Treeman Ancients Hatred would be yet another reason to take one of these mighty characters.

At the end of the day these rumors have no real evidence to back them up, but are still interesting non the less and cold have a sliver of truth to them, hopefully.

Now the Skitterleap Lists, what a interesting set of lists. A lot of special characters, no dwarfs, no empire, no tomb kings, Throgg appears twice (apparently chaos has discovered cloning), there are two Bretonnia players. I personally am relived that the dwarfs and empire didnt show up which means less cannons (flaming and otherwise) to deal with. I think its going to be a interesting weekend, there are no lists that jump out at me as lists that would too difficult for me to beat, overall i think its going to be good. 

Until next time
Rex "I Love Trees" Foote

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