Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dark Elf Warlocks

With the release of the new Dark Elf book there has been much excitement around the new Warlock unit. The Warlock unit acts the same way as Horrors of Tzeentch, in that the unit counts as a level 2 spellcaster that gets 1+ to cast for each rank of 5 or more models. The unit knows two spells, Doombolt and Soulblight, and has a 4+ ward save except for wounds caused by model with mark of Slaanesh or demon of Slaanesh. The unit is found in the rare section and costs 25 points a model. So sounds good so far right? A fairly durable (by elf standards) unit that has access to two good spells.

Generally Speaking this is a good unit, it can fulfill the role of a offensive spell caster without taking up needed Lord or Hero points. However in a army list with Lord and Hero level wizards this unit becomes a bit of a issue. Back in the days of 6th edition warhammer, wizards generated their own power dice that only they could use, as well as having a power dice pool that anyone could draw from. But because in 8th you only get 2d6 power dice this unit vies for power dice that your more dedicated spell casters need.

Let me use the example of my good friend Sorceress, level 2 Sorceress, and the two units of 5 warlocks. Now this is a good example of too many casters all vieing for a limited number of power dice. With a level 4 and 2 all needing power dice to cast their spells this leaves very little left over for the warlocks, and if the warlocks aren't being used to cast spells then they aren't filling their role which means that you are paying 25 points per model for a dark rider with a ward save.

The warlocks are defiantly a good unit and fill the role of offensive spell caster without taking up points reserved for heroes and lords, but you don’t want them taking from your limited power dice pool when said power dice could be used for more useful spells and magics. 

Regardless of my musing i will be facing the new dark elves on Thursday, so i will be able to see if my concerns about the warlocks are well founded. Until next time

Edit: Well it seems that i was wrong in saying that without their offensive spell caster role that warlocks were a dark rider with a ward save. Nick has responded with a well written post on the upsides of the warlocks (A Counter Blast For Mr Foote)

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  1. I was just about to post up pretty much exactly what Nic said.