Monday, 7 October 2013

The Path to Skitterleap

With the submission of my Skitterleap list on the weekend it has been effectively set in stone, so here is what that list will look like.

Level 4 Life mage @ 250 points

Treeman Ancient w/ Annoyance of Nettlings @ 350 Points

Wood Elf Noble BSB w/ Hail of Doom Arrow @ 140 Points

Wood Elf Noble w/ Starfire arrow and Pageant of Shrikes @ 125 Points

20 Wood Elf Glade Guard w/ Standard Bearer,Musician and Banner of Eternal Flame         @ 268 Points

20 Wood Elf Glade Guard w/ Musician @ 246 Points

20 Wood Elf Glade Guard w/ Musician @ 246 Points

3 Treekin @ 195 Points

1 Treeman @ 285 Points

1 Treeman  @ 285 Points
Total Points: 2390 

As a addition to this at the time of writing this post i am 6 glade guard away from a fully painted 2400 point army, which is good news all round.

The general plan for this list is that the glade guard and heroes shoot things, the tree men/kin hit things and the mage does magic things. Really thats all tactics wise, nice, simple and unable to be derailed by a opponent doing something completely unexpected.    

Until next time.