Friday, 11 October 2013

Glory to Athel Loren

Last Thursday (10th of October) my Wood Elves went up against the new and shiny dark elves lead by Nicholas Jebson, he was using the army list he had posted to his blog earlier (First Musings on Possible Dark Elf Lists) and I was using my Skitterleap list.  

My list Included

Level 4 Life mage @ 250 points

Treeman Ancient w/ Annoyance of Nettlings @ 350 Points

Wood Elf Noble BSB w/ Hail of Doom Arrow @ 140 Points

Wood Elf Noble w/ Starfire arrow and Pageant of Shrikes @ 125 Points

20 Wood Elf Glade Guard w/ Standard Bearer,Musician and Banner of Eternal Flame         @ 268 Points

20 Wood Elf Glade Guard w/ Musician @ 246 Points

20 Wood Elf Glade Guard w/ Musician @ 246 Points

3 Treekin @ 195 Points

1 Treeman @ 285 Points

1 Treeman  @ 285 Points
Total Points: 2390 

Nick's list included 

Supreme Sorceress: 320
LVL 4 (lore of dark magic), the cloak of twilight, dark Pegasus

Sorceress: 150
LVL 2 (lore of metal), tome of furion, dark steed

Master Battle Standard Bearer: 132
halberd, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, dragonhelm, opal amulet

9 Dark Riders: 210
spears, light armour, shields, repeater crossbows, dark steeds, full command

5 Dark Riders: 105
spears, light armour, repeater crossbows, musician, dark steeds

5 Dark Riders: 105
spears, light armour, repeater crossbows, musician, dark steeds

20 Bleakswords: 210
hand weapons, light armour, shields, full command

30 Har Ganeth Executioners: 435
great weapons, heavy armour, full command, razor standard

10 Shades: 190
hand weapons, repeater crossbows, full command

5 Shades: 80
hand weapons, repeater crossbows

Repeater Bolt Throwers: 70
Repeater Bolt Throwers: 70
Repeater Bolt Throwers: 70

5 Doomfire Warlocks: 125
hand weapons, dark steeds

5 Doomfire Warlocks: 125
hand weapons, dark steeds

TOTAL: 2397 

The table was set up and we rolled for deployment, which I won but handed over to Nick. Deployment followed.

I won first turn and the game began

Turn 1 Summary
  • 1 Unit of Doomfire Warlocks was wiped out by GG3 (Glade Guard unit 3), the remaining unit was reduced to 3
  • The Treeman Ancient (aka Mr Huggy) was taken down to 2 wounds by concentrated Repeater Bolt Thrower fire.
  • The second Treeman (nearest the Shades) was taken  down to 4 wounds by Repeater Crossbow fire
  • The lone Wood Elf Noble kills a shade from the smaller unit of 5

Wood Elf Turn 1

Dark Elf Turn 1

Turn 2 Summary
  • Mr Huggy charges Dark rider unit 3, said unit flees as a charge reaction
  • The Level 4 Wood Elf Life Weaver restores Treeman Ancient to full wounds
  • A Treeman and 3 Treekin walk right up to the 3 Repeater bolt throwers in preparation for a charge next turn. 
  • With a Treeman right in their faces all 3 repeater bolt throwers fire at said Treeman and all 3 miss
  • The 9 Dark Riders with the level two sorceress loose all but 2 Dark Riders and the sorceress due to Glade Guard fire, they promptly flee off the board
  • The remaining 3 warlocks are killed by Wood Elf shooting
  • The larger unit of shades looses 5 of its members but passes its break test.
  • The smaller unit of 4 shades looses two of its members to the lone Wood Elf Noble

Wood Elf Turn 2
Dark Elf Turn 2 and Wood Elf Turn 3 (user error on my part)

Turn 3 Summary
  • One of the Treemen, the Treekin and the Treeman Ancient all charge the 3 repeater bolt throwers which are all wiped out.
  • The unit of 5 shades are wiped out by Glade Guard fire.
  • The remaining shades kill the lone Wood Elf Noble
  • One of the glade guard units is reduced to 8 models due to a combination of word of pain and bladewind.
  • The Executioners charge the wounded Treeman and reduce him to one wound, he kills 7 Executioners, looses the combat by one but stays in the fight

Dark Elf Turn 3

Turn 4 Summary (Final turn)
  • The unit of 8 Glade Guard kills the remaining Shades
  • The wounded Treeman is wiped out by the Executioners
  • The bleakswords are reduced to six models due to a combined barrage by the 2 full strength glade guard units and the Treeman Ancient

Wood Elf Turn 4 (Dark Elves didnt get a fourth turn)

In the end the game was won soundly by the wood elves, proof that you can still indeed win games with them, thus vindicating my decision to focus solely on them.

I do want to take some time to address two issues around this game. One being that Nick had appealing luck. On his first spell of the game, cast by his Supreme sorceress, he rolled three ones. Then of course there was the bolt throwers missing 3 point blank shots at a Treeman. Nick’s dice rebelled against him and it cost him dearly. However it should be noted that i only dropped 30 shots in four turns, so make of that what you will.

The second point is that of the Doomfire warlocks. Now to be fair I didn’t let them have a chance to do anything, one of the units got wiped out in the first turn and the other got reduced to 3 models before it could even blink. That being said I still think that in a magic heavy list they are more of a hindrance than a help considering that they are vying for scarce and valuable power dice that other more versatile spellcasters should be getting first pick at. And if you do give your more versatile spellcasters those dice then all you have is a expensive unit, with a poor armour save, decent ward save and low toughness. Yes they have decent combat capabilities but you still have to get them into combat and I don’t think (unless you take say 30 of them) that they will live long enough get there. So to recap my view on Doomfire Warlocks, a overall good unit as long as they aren’t in a magic heavy list.

Until next time.


  1. Well done, always nice to see the Wood Elves kick the bejezzus out of the drucchi. Mind you, it's always nice to see the drucchi get a good toeing from anyone.

    I think you might be right with the Warlocks. They probably compete with the Level 2 back up sorceress. I think the strength in these guys is to 6-dice their spells, either one is a great spell depending on the game situation. So there won't be a lot of dice to go round. While having 10 levels of magic is very versatile, it's too much for 2d6 power dice.

    Two units would work well without any other casters. They'd also work well with just a Sorceress (for the Dispel Scroll maybe). A Supreme Sorceress and two units of Warlocks might be pushed for enough dice, but it can be workable. The Warlocks don't have to cast after all; they make pretty awesome flank units to clear oppossing chaff and support mainline unit combats.

    They're still a fantastic unit for 25 points a model.

    1. Thank you, the games i win with the wood elves always feel like good games and well earned wins.

      On the subject of the warlocks, if this was 6th ed fantasy and every wizard generated their own power dice then the warlocks would be unstoppable. But it isn't sadly, and while i absolutely agree that warlocks are a great unit i still view their primary role as that of offensive spell casters that don't take up hero and lord slots. That being said i can see their potential for warmachine hunters and flanking units due to their decent combat abilities

  2. this is something im going to look into, i got greedy trying to cast the 4D6 Doombolts and failed every time (though as mentioned my dice where dire). on my next run maybe a Lvl 2 with Dispel and maybe death, shadow or heavens, and two warlocks

  3. Why does Nic run the tomb on his level 2? It only works with Dark Magic?

  4. so it does, well theirs a brain fart of the highest calibre

  5. Well not really, the sorceress died before being able to cast a spell

  6. I forgot that boosted Doombolt is a 24+ to cast. So the Warlocks need a 22+, while the average on 6 dice is only 21.

    Forget about going for the boosted option, I think you'd do better playing it safe and going for the 12+ version. 2d6 hits is better than nothing. You can still 6 dice that if you need to after all.