Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Exspanse Beckons: Rouge Trader Prologue

Welcome one and all to the Prologue of my Rouge Trader Campaign, allow me to explain this post and the ones that will follow it. I have been interested in Role Plays for some time and have even GMed a few. Last year I started watching a D and D series on Youtube by someone who goes by the name of Itmejp. JP does several Roleplay shows, with the first (and in my Opinion best) being called Role Plays original, now Roleplay Solum. He also does a show called Sawn song (a sci-fi show), R and D (where different Role Play systems mare tried out) and Vigil (an dungeon World Fantasy Role Play).

It is my opinion that these series are hands down the best entertainment ever published to Youtube and perhaps some of the best entertainment across all mediums. The players are all excellent at the characters they play and the interactions in the groups across all the shows are real and are thrill to watch. In addition the GMs/DMs are top rate, mentally flexible enough to keep up with what their players are doing whilst not being hide bound by the rules, the rules are there to give the players a fun time and can be bent and broken to achieve that goal. On top of that the things that happen on that show are simply amazing and simply don’t happen on TV shows, I would say that the series put out by JP and his group are better than Game of Thrones. If anyone is interested in checking out the series the link is here. I have found that listening to episodes while paint has been very relaxing and helps me to paint. If you like Role Plays then I highly recommend checking out the link, it will be worth your time.

But how does that relate to this post? Well I about to start running my own Role Play, the Fantasy Flight Rouge Trader where a group of players takes on the role of a Rogue Trader and his crew as they explore the 40k universe. I have been inspired by JP to do write ups of each session and post them to this blog. So here is the Prologue of the Campaign, hopefully you enjoy it and what will follow it.

Admiral Gerald Gillam gazed out of the armour glass port of his office window, contemplating the task that lay ahead. It irked him that he, such a respected member of the Imperial navy must stoop to working with such common thugs, even if one was a Rogue Trader. Regardless of his personal feelings he needed a third party to fulfil this task, a group that convinced into doing his biding in exchange for a material reward, and a group that could be disposed of easily if the situation required it.

A Knock at his door broke his trance and turned to see Darrius Holt enter the room. “They have arrived Sir and are currently commissioning their ship” Darrius reported.
“Very good, are you ready to join them” Gillam replied
“Indeed I am sir”.
“Good, you will be my eyes and ears Darrius, ensure that they stay focused on the goal, do not be afraid to use the carrot and the stick in equal measure to motivate them. And remember, if they stray too far we can always find more willing individuals to carry out this task.”
“Understood sir, the Emperor Protects” Darrius turned to leave.
“Indeed he does” Gillam murmured as he turned back to the viewport “ And when he doesn’t we must take matters into our own hands”.

As the door closed behind Darrius the Admiral returned to his silent vigil of the stars and soon Darrius footsteps faded until all the sound that remained was soft mummer of the Air Conditioning and the faint throb of Port Wander’s systems.

The first session will be on this Sunday and every 2nd Sunday after that, you can expect the write ups of each session about Tuesday. Until next time.


  1. Jaydenicus, the insane and illiterate priest from a death world is ready to keep the faith and use his "medical" skills for the team :P

    Should be a good one. Look forward to it.

  2. I'll definitely check out the links you added. As RPGs have always interested me but on the few occasions I've bought the books I've been completely overwhelmed with even where to begin and how they work.

    Looking forward to seeing your story play out :)