Sunday, 14 September 2014

Through the Maw: Rouge Trader Session 1

+++++ Incoming Data Transmission +++++
+++++ Password: ******** +++++
+++++ Welcome Admiral Gillam +++++
+++++ Loading report from Ensign Holt +++++
+++++ Report Begins +++++

Greetings Admiral from UCS 020, here follows my report on the actions of the Rouge Trader Pank and his crew during the first phase of their mission.
I met the Rouge Trader Pank and his crew at 13:00 PWST (Port Wander Standard Time). By this point they had already designed and named their ship and had gone throughout the Port acquiring gear that they believed they would need on their journey, Pank (The Rouge Trader) acquired a Jump Pack,  Jaydenicus (The ships medic and slightly unhinged missionary) tried to convince others to join the crew but failed, the Psyker Valerius (the ships Astropath) acquired a Melta gun that would be shipped to Evera  (our base of operations in Un Charted Sector 020). Finally Jaydenicus acquired a illegal Squig for the Kroot member of the crew, why he did so remains a mystery and perhaps the reason would only make sense to one such as he.

Upon their arrival back at office we had set aside for them i introduced myself and the role i would play on board the ship (your eyes and ears) and i informed them of the mission that you gave them (to recon UCS 020 and send back any and all information on the planets that lay within). Pank seemed to resent my assignment and place aboard his ship and tried to talk me down, he did not succeed.

After this we boarded the ship i introduced Pank and his group to the ships Enginseer and Navigator and then we entered the warp, aiming for the first way point known as the Witch Cursed World, an icey dead planet where the warp currents remain claim, making fir a safe stopping point while traveling through the warp passage to the Kronous expanse (i believe the locals refer to this passage as " The Maw"). Upon entering the orbit of the planet our aguars picked up a distress beacon coming from the planet. Pank and his group made to embark on a shuttle and head down there. I made to come with them but Pank refused to allow me, his attitude will need to change once we arrive at our destination but for now i made no protest.

My account of what took place on the planet has been pieced together from the comms chatter of the group and the grainy pict feeds from their equipment, i promise you sir that next time i will go down with them so that you may have a proper first hand account.

The group entered into the ship through a hole in its hull and came upon a cargo deck where upon they were immediately ambushed by 2 motion activated Servitors with Las Guns and as the fighting started another 2 down he far end of the deck came to life and engaged. The group was initially clustered around the entrance to the deck and on two occasions members of the group were hit by friendly fire. Shortly after the fight started Pank attempted to use his jump pack to get behind the servitor but his unfamiliarity with the device caused him to ram into the roof and scrap along it until he let go of the lift button and fell to the floor dazed. By this point the first two servitors were dead and Jaydenicus advanced on the one who had made it halfway into the room. The Kroot stopped to eat one of the dead servitors after being hit in the back by friendly fire from Valerius and i believe that Valerius was slightly disturbed by the sight of a Kroot devouring the dead.

By this point Pank had came out 0f his dazed trance and blew the chest out of one of the servitors who had come over to try to beat him to death with his Las Gun. The final servitor was dispatched by Jaydenicus. Suddenly a elevator at the far end of the deck came down with another 2 servitors on it, i suspect these had been woken by the sound of battle. Pank killed one with a single sot of his Plasma Pistol and Valerius psykically assaulted the other until it was finished off by the Kroot.

After this the group made its way up to the second level where they found a room with a Stais pod and a Close Combat Servitor, which the Kroot killed with chilling ease. They then proceeded to open the pod where they found a what looked like a female solider. After removing all her gear they took her back on board the ship and re-entered the warp. Whilst in the warp Pank placed the trooper into one of the airlocks and waited for her to come to. When she did he interrogated her (with the rest of his group watching). When shed didn't provide satisfactory answers they dropped out of the warp and vented her into space. 

As you know sir i don't approve of mistreatment of prisoners and this incident angers me. The Trooper could have been a valuable member of the crew but instead she is dead. Her answers to Pank's questions interest me. She told us that the ship she was on was on a return trip from the expanse when it ran into trouble and crash landed on the planet. When asked where in the expanse she came from she said:

I cant tell you, they would do far worse than kill me if i told you. And then they would come for you  

She was vented after this answer, and this waste of a life angers me greatly.

We made orbit of Evera 12 days after re-entering the warp at the Witch Cursed World. I informed the group that Evera would be their base for the next few months and told them before they wen planet side to restock and resupply that i would need to know where they wanted to go next, and they told me that wished to visit planet one first. As i write the Navigator is plotting the course to Planet 01. 

I will report on the events on the planet at the earliest chance

Your faithful Servant

Darrius Holt

+++++ Report Ends +++++ 

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