Friday, 19 September 2014

The Hunt Begins

+++++ Data Transmission Incoming +++++
+++++ Contents Magenta Level Secured +++++
+++++ Password Required +++++
+++++ Password ******* +++++
+++++ Access Granted, Welcome Inquisitor Malenciha +++++
+++++ Report on Parxis Engagement from Librarian Erstin +++++
+++++ Report Begins: Greetings Inquisitor. As you are aware Strike Force Epsilon has already encounter traitors in the Quarlous Sector (see my previous report on the
engagement with the heretical Pretorian 3rd Fusiliers). After our first battle with these forces myself and my men were eager to hunt down those who had escaped the Emperor's Justice last time and destroy them. Our hunt lead us to the battle scared world of Parxis where we believed we may find information about our quarry, what we found  was far worse.

The Battlefield
The area where the engagement took place was also the location of a downed Aquila whose cogitators had vital information as to the where abouts of the  Pretorian 3rd . As we approached the Battlefield our ships sensors detected the presence of others. As the reports from my squads came the first of our opponents were revealed: Blood Angels.

Servo Skull Recon Pict

Fly over image from a Thunderhawk Gunship
Why the Sons of Sanguinius where present in the area remains unknown to me, regardless we learned of their hostile intent when their Whirlwind Tank opened fire on our Purgation  Squad killing one of their number. As soon as it became clear that they were out enemies i teleported myself and my squad directly into the Blood Angels ranks and unleashed the fury of the warp upon them, a mighty vortex appeared in the midst of their tactical squad and annihilated 5 marines including their Plasma cannon wielding support member with Storm Bolter and Psycannon fire cut down all but the sergeant.

While this took place the other units of my Strike force took up positions around the objectives we had come to claim. The Purgation squad took up a position in the building and began to access to cogitator located there, the 1st Strike Squad advanced towards a ruined building where another cogitator was located and Vindicare Assassin took up position behind the crashed ships cockpit.

While the ground forces took up position my 2nd Strike Squad teleported down to the planet,close to another cogitator and to a squad of Blood Angel scouts who, my men report to me, seemed to act in an over aggressive way not normally displayed by the Adeptus Astartes initiates.

As the Strike Squad deployed the scouts let out a bloodthirsty roar and charged, the strike squads hail of storm bolter rounds did little to deter them. However there charge fell short of the squad and, grimly hefting their weapons, the Strike Squad charged the scouts. Their battle went on for many minutes and when it was over only 2 scouts remained, my knights having all perished but not without giving a good account of themselves before falling.

A pict of the Strike Squads final heroic moments
While this was taking place my own squad was charged by Blood Angel Terminators and we engaged in a brutal duel that lasted the duration of my Strike Force's participation in the battle. During this duel the rest of my force acquitted itself well, with the Vindicare destroying the Whirlwind and the 1st Strike Squad knocked out the enemy Landspeeder. The Purgation squad's deeds were the stuff of legend. Having been slowly whittled down the squad took control of the vital cogitator and uploaded its info to our Strike Cruiser Bitter At Dawn, the final member of the squad then managed to take down our 2nd enemies Chimera transport. While this Heroic Knight did fall it was his actions that turned utter defeat into a minor one.

I have now mentioned our 2nd opponent and i must confess that with my own battle focused on the Blood Angels i do not know much about them and all of my squads who had contact with them were killed. Just as my force left the field a squad belonging to the 2nd unknown enemy appeared in the midst battle, and i could have sworn that they bore the heraldry of the Grey Knights, but that cant be.........

The Unconfirmed Enemy
As i mentioned early my own squad had engaged the Blood Angels Terminators , and our duel went took up all of my efforts. In the end the Blood Angels triumphed, with myself being the last to fall. However as i fell i heard that we had acquired the information we needed, and so my last act as to active the emergency teleportation systems built into our Aegis suits. With a flash of light my Strike force vanished from the field, both those still standing and those who had fallen leaving the Blood Angels and the Unknown Foe to battle it out.

Whilst we were unable to destroy our foes we did manage to acquire vital information regarding the location of the Pretorian 3rd Fusiliers and will continue our search for them. It disturbs me that during our travels through this sector we have encounter not one but 2 traitorous imperial forces. I have already sent word back to Titan informing my masters of the situation, in response they have sent reinforcements who will arrive shortly. However i doubt that will be enough, i believe that this entire sector must now be subject to a far reaching Inquisitorial investigation. I leave this suggestion with you, along with a copy of the data we recovered from the Aquila, for what its worth. 

The Emperor Protects
Librarian Erstin of the Grey Knights

+++++ Message Ends +++++
+++++ Data Transmission Incoming +++++
+++++ Message Begins:  Report received Librarian Erstin, your observation of multiple Traitor forces within the sector has alarmed my superiors. As such i am being dispatched to the sector with orders to root out this Heresy. I am to link up with our Strike Force and together we are to purge the Traitors . The Hunt Begins Indeed.

The Emperor Protects
Inquisitor Malenciha

+++++ Message Ends +++++


  1. Very cool. I cant wait to progress the story on the field. Give me a few weeks to get back into 40k and the 3rd Fusiliers will be ready!

    1. As will Strike Force Epsilon and Inquisitor Malenciha

  2. Another excellent chapter. Nice to see Blood Angels in action. So many people have shelved theirs.

    Look forward to the next installment.

  3. Glad to see an assassin take the field. I just acquired an Execution Force and it warms my sneaky underhanded heart to see that I'm not the only one looking to strike from the shadows.

  4. Nice battle report. Thanks for taking the time to take photos and post it... Where was the game played?
    If it's near Wellington, I have a Crusade of Black Templars that would be willing to assist in your hunt, Emperor willing.

    Craig H
    Collector of grey plastic and dust

    1. We game in Kapiti Mate. In Paraparaumu town center on Thursday nights.

      Feel free to pop in we always have games going on!

  5. Nicely done! Now I want to fly over to your area and get a campaign, or even just a couple of games going ...awesome!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments! I appreciate them so Cheers.

    As mentioned i game every Thursday at the Kapiti Community Center, so if you are near by drop in and your army could well feature in the next report. Going forward the general idea will be to play a game and then create a report that suits the overall narrative. The 40k Universe has enough lore justification to allow me justify my knights facing any army so expect a wild range of opponents over the new few weeks. Once again cheers, i do the reports because i like to entertain people so if you guys like em they will keep coming.

    Cheers and Thanks again.