Saturday, 20 July 2013

Knowing your Army

It has happened to us all, halfway through a combat either you or your opponent says "WAIT my dark elves have hatred against your unit, can we go back and re-roll that combat?"  It is, for me, the single most annoying issue in both fantasy and 40k, people not knowing their army special rules and then asking for a turn back of the turn clock to make up for it.

Usually the issue itself is quickly resolved, either you give your opponent a new round of combat (or whatever phase is effected) or not. But it problem is twofold, it slows down the game and if your opponent remembers the special rules after the game it can taint the result, which if you won can sour your victory.

Knowing your army special rules can win you the game
Luckily there is a simple fix, read your army book. GW has done a good job making the codex and army books it produces very entertaining to read. Each unit entry has a decent slab of fluff relating to the unit and a very nice image of the unit in question. And another helpful way to remember what units have what rules is to put a army special rules summary at the bottom of your army list that clear details what units have what rules, and what rules do what. This way you give yourself the best chance of victory and your opponent the best game possible.

Thank you for reading reading my ramble. Until next time


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  2. For my wood elf army list i have, like i mentioned above, a small section near the bottom that lists all the special rules, who they apply yo and what they do. It makes for a easy reference

  3. True, i might do that now, forgot some vital rules last game.

  4. at the end of the day I fully support the policy of "you forgot get over it" Sometimes I allow re-rolls etc. but at the end of the day I don't mind not getting to re-roll, like I guide my fire prism and then forget to re-roll the shots, I might go **** forgot to re-roll but will carry on.

  5. It depends on the situation, i will allow it if my opponent does, or if its immediate. For example jack didn't let me off last game and then he asked me for him to do something he forgot and i wouldn't allow it lol. Normally i keep it to a situation thing.