Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bloodied, Awed and Triumphant. CTA Day 2

Well CTA has come and gone and i found day 2 better than the first. 2 Games that were polar opposites of one and other, and plenty of lessons learned, so lets get right to  them.

Game 4. Fern Campbell, Meeting Engagement.
Game four was against Fern Campbell's Orcs and Goblins and it reinforced why wood elves aren't best friends with the greenskins (apart from the fact that orcs aren't really "friends" with anyone). Fern's list was gunline done orc style and from turn one it made its presence felt. All my archers took damage from the orc artillery and even the treeman were hurt by goblin (GOBLIN!!!!) poisoned bow fire. Painful moments for me included my level 4 mage double sixing throne of vines and then failing the 2+ miscast save and blowing up some of my fragile elves.  In the end it was a 17-3 to Fern, and justly deserved win to Fern as she played very well.

Game 5. Regan Ridge. Battleline.
Game 5 (the "kill em" scenario) was against my new favourite army to face. Vampire Counts. This game showed the might of the treemen as they alone accounted for a whole unit of grave guard, a vampire lord, a banshee, a unit of ghouls, a underling vampire, a necromancer and a unit of skeletons. My wonderful treeman ancient (Mr Huggy) added another vampire lord to his kill count. The glade guard must have been inspired by the treemen as the unit of 16 charged in to finish off the mortis engine. In the end i wiped out his army and had all my treemen standing. The result was a staggering 19-1 to me. Regan was a very good opponent who hopefully learned the danger of treemen ancients.

In the end i came 23 out of 26, this is mostly due to the penalties put on my battle points by  not having a fully painted army.  My MVM (most valuable model) was Mr Huggy for continually holding the line and earning me points. It was a very enjoyable weekend and i look forward to my next tournament, Warpfire, on September 14th.

I will leave you now with images from day 2. Enjoy and until next time

The slightly mad wizard's tower

Bellow are a images of the 40k Ork battle field

The most intact 40k city i have ever seen

Winter Eldar

The head of a "Titan" (note that doubt this is the head of a actual titian as titans dont die)

The front view of a winterknight and winterwalkers

Dwarfs. Nuff said.

More targets Dwarfs

The Runelord sleeping on the Anvil of Doom

"Really you fit armour inside that bottle?"

Centaur wild riders

Mr Huggy my MVM (most valuable model)

Game 4 before the slaughter

Orcs and giant dice. In a wizard tower? Whatever next.

Wait how did it get behind us?

STOMP (didnt kill the mage)

Mr Huggy soloing the trolls (it didnt go well)

40k maddnes

Tau and space marines fighting for a ork town

Modern Warfare table top style

The NZ defense force. So powerful they had to be kept in a glass box.

World war two table top gaming (not flames of war)

A quaint, quite and peaceful town. For once.

His smile says it all.

You think thats a forest!

High elves

A dragon so powerful it partially blinded the camera

In Communist Kislev you dont kill undead, undead kills you!

"Flames" of war

A inspirational hell pit abomination

Tzeentch tomb kings (my vote for best army)

A swooping helldrake

Nurgle demons

A fluffy tiger, the true victor of CTA 2013

Wait are those nazi space marines?

Table top boarderlands

Warmachine monsters

Game 5 arrowline

Wait Hello Kitty? Really?

Come to Chaos

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