Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Exiled God Returns

When i started my wood elf army i as if i found a Fantasy army that i could stick with for years to come. Up until a few days ago i had yet to find such a army for 40k. This army has a long back story that i will summaries for you now in a attempt to justify why this will be my 40k wood elves. Earlier in the year i ran a Warhammer role play for some of my friends at my local club.The rolepay took place just after the end of the Storm of Chaos. The plot of the role play centered around a champion of chaos (called The Man), however this champion didn't worship one of the 4 main chaos gods, he worshiped the Exiled god Malal. The Mans goal was to get the Empire and Kislev into a war, which would be considered a act of infighting which is the type of act Malal draws power from (from what i could find on Malal this seemed like this was the sort of act that he drew power from). To cut a 21+ hour long story short the players failed to stop the Man, who consequently destroyed a Kislev and Imperial army as they fought outside the gates of Erngard. The last thing the players knew about The Man was that he had taken Erngard and had proclaimed the return of Malal to the world. During the role play i became quiet attached to The Man (who had actually been a character i made and played in a previous role play) and i wanted to do more with the character. my original plan was to do another role play with him. However as time went on the second role play fell by the wayside.

Fast forward to a week ago where i was thinking about how connected fluff wise the 40k and fantasy universes were.  It came to me that The Man could be transported into the 40k universe to fight for Malal on a far larger and more important battled field. And so i ordered the Chaos Space marine codex and 1000 points worth of Chaos space marines. Before i go on i thought it a food idea to show you the model i will be using for The Man.

Now with The Man having the back story that he does i decided to give this army a goal, as well as narrative battle reports that will be posted on this blog and as much conversation work as i possibly could. The Man's goal is to resurrect the long destroyed realm of Malal in the warp and create a new eye of terror. He plans to do this by corrupting and sacrificing a whole Eldar Craftworld and all the Eldar on board it. A suitably crazy plan for similarly crazy goal. All battle reports that i write for this army will be written up from the perspective of one of The Man's marines as he follows his masters attempts to fulfill his dark and mad goal. Hopefully it will make for good reading.

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