Friday, 2 August 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow is the start of the CTA tournament, and i think i am as ready as i could be. I have gotten to know armies strengths and weakness, and have had a string of victorious over armies that i had rated as a hard fight for my fragile, tree hugging marksmen/women. The practice went well, the best being i learnt that flee is a valid reaction to a charge, this may seem obvious, but before i played wood elves i played Close Combat heavy armies and never fled from a charge (unless i failed some sort of test).

When facing monsters running away is usually a good bet
As of the time of writing a draw has yet to be published so i dont know who i will be facing tomorrow. But whomever my opponents are i am sure that i will enjoy this tournament greatly. A side note, after the CTA reports are up the next post that i publish will be the 2nd post of the Fantasy and 40k series, i promise.

Until next time

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