Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bruised, Beaten and Defiant. CTA Day 1

Well the first day of CTA 2013 has come and gone and my has it been enjoyable. I went into this tournament with the goal of not utterly loosing a game and getting  twenty-nilled. And so far have achieved that goal. Instead of my usual battle report style i will give a simple summary of each game and then post as many of the pictures i took as i can as they can better show what went on during day 1.

Game one. Locky Reid. Dawn Attack
My first game of the day was against Lock Reid (of  Kiwihammer fame) and his Skaven. This was my first game (ever) against Skaven and i now see why they are so feared. My only model to survive the game was the loveable treeman Mr Huggy. Some highlights of the game included discovering that you can indeed assassinate a treeman, and the giant rats of the doomwheel doing more harm to a treeman than the doomwheel itself. In the end it was 17-3 to Locky. Locky was a fine and garrulous opponent who gave me a good game

Game two. Mark Stanton. Blood and Glory
My second game was against Mark Stanton and his gribbly Demons. The Scenario was blood and glory (although it may as well not have been). The main thing to come out of this game was that i was utterly wrong about the negative effects of the demons special rules, that and Mr Huggy (with a annoyance of nettlings) isn't the only though Close Combat monster character out there after a 6 turn challenge with Mark's Great unclean one resulted in a draw. In the end it was 12-8 to Mark (getting better), Mark was a very kind opponent and i thank him for the game.

Game 3. Andrew Stanton. Battle For The Pass
My third game was against the Wehrmacht Bretonnians commanded by Andrew Stanton. As this was battle for the pass i had maximum time to shot my opponent before he reached me. Unfortunately being  mostly mounted force this meant he crossed the battle field rather quickly, that and 2+ armour saves were his armies standard save. In the end i just threw treeman at his units and the they did the trick. In the end it was a 12-8 to me (yaay). Andrew was a great opponent i could sympathize with his army's lack of newness, wood elves and Brets being the two armies in Warhamer to go without a update for 2 editions.

Game four has me up against Fern Campbell, who aside form being a member at the same gaming club i go to is also being kind enough to give me (and others) a lift too and from wellington for the tournament. It looks set to be a good game.

I leave you know with pictures from day one of CTA 2013, enjoy and until next time
A fairly representative Warhammer table

A fairly unrepresentative Warhamer table complete with rubber gaming mat (caused dice to bounce more)

This picture (and the ones that follow) show the best 40k table i have ever seen

Bet the high elf who lived there had no idea what sort of day this would be when he woke up

Game one deployment

Yes a treeman can be assassinated. Fact.

A spectacular Tau army

Game two deployment

The forest sprit smash up, we see the treeman and dryads before hitting timt

The treeman ancient and great unclean one in their game long challenge

Achtung! Achtung! The Wehrmacht are coming (No not really its just the Bretonnians)

If only the Germans uses armoured knights.....

The ride of the Bretonnians

It turns out if France had been defended by wood elves then they would have ended ww2 before it even began

The dryads in the role of the french

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