Saturday, 17 August 2013

Epic Conflicts

I was a reading a post by my fellow war gamer and blogger Nick Jebson over at HMS Distraction about the arms race that seems to be going on with Warhammer 40k. Were each race gets a bigger or bulkier squad or model. Nicks prime exhibit of this was the space marine Centurions, a new unit in the up and coming new space marine codex (image below).

Now this isn't a new phenomena, its been going on for some time (the past couple of years in fact) were 40k armies get ridiculous models that catch your eye by with sheer mass and insanity. Be it the Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight (codex release date April 2011), the Tyranid Trygon / Mawloc / Tyrannofex / Tervigon (codex release date January 2010) the Space Wolf Thunder Wolves (codex release date October 2009) the Tau Riptide (code release date March 2013) or the Eldar Wraith Knight (codex release date June 2013) many of GWs new 40k armies have had at least one unit that is bigger and bulkier than is really necessary.

Now my personal hypothesis as to why this is stems from who the target audience of 40k is.40k is targeted at the younger audience, early to mid teens who have played Call of Duty, like big explosions and huge stompy/shooty things. 40k has always been the system that has attracted the younger audience, its simpler and faster than Fantasy and having your troops fire lazer guns is far cooler than having them fire bows and arrows (although sometimes the bow and arrow kills more than the lazer gun). My personal Hypothesis is that by ensuring that the majority of 40k armies have big stompy models this will attract more young COD players who will buy (or get there parents to buy) their outrageously expensive models thus ensuring a steady flow of cash for GW.

I kinda of hope that i am wrong, but i have a sneaking feeling that i might be right.

Edit: I have been told that i may have made my point badly and that it came across as me ripping into 40k and its players. That is not true. I have played 40k and still do. All i am saying is certain 40k models look dumb and that GW has targeted 40k towards a younger audience, i am not in anyway saying that all 40k players are in their early to mid teens, that would be blatantly wrong. I apologize if i came across as ripping into 40k and its player base this was not the case.

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