Monday, 23 September 2013

Alternate Game Workshop Models

Following on from my Mantic V.s Games Workshop post i have decided to compile a list of websites and companies whose models could be used in games of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, although the below list is mainly fantasy focused than 40k focused.

Game Zone Miniatures: I recently discovered this site via the Kiwihammer Blog. Its list of Fantasy models include such races as Empire, Chaos, Elves, Orcs and Goblins, Dark Elves, Vampires, Dwarfs, Silvanus (Wood Elves, Yaay!), Horned Beasts (Beastmen),
Feudal Knights (Bretonnia), Royal Tumuli Guardians (Tomb Kings) and Machines and Monsters. The prices are all in Euros but to give you a rough idea of pricing a goblin hero costs 7 Euros which translates to 11.29 NZ dollars.

Spell crow Miniatures: From what i can tell these guys are a Polish based company that offers Sci Fi conversion bits (Space Knights, Space Elves, Chaos, Orcs, Guards) and a larger fantasy range. Once again prices are in Euros but are still reasonable.

Mantic Games: A company the caters to both Fanasty and 40k Alternates and space Skaven. These guys are (in my view) the best source of alternate models to use in GWs games as they have a large and constantly expanding product range. They also are one of the few companies that make viable Squat models.

Raging Heroes: Continuing the theme of European companies that provide good alternate GW models Raging Heroes has a small (but very good quality) range of both Sci Fi and Fantasy models. They recently(ish) had a successful kickstater to create a range of models that they called "The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy". What they produced was a very good range models that are well worth the price.

Reaper: Although Reaper's product range does cater more to Roleplays its minis can still be used as Heroes or for small scale squads. And what stunning heroes and small scale squads they would be. Well worth a look.

Black Scorpion: Black Scorpion seems to have a strong Pirate theme running through most of it's product range, which is certainly a nice and unique theme. So far they do Fantasy Football (Blood Bowl anyone?), Fantasy Pirates, Modern (USM and Militia), Pirates and Tombstone (ye olde western).

Privateer Press: Creators of Warmachine and Hordes these guys have stunning range of minis. Although there is not much of the "Default" fantasy races (orcs, elves, undead ect) the races they do have could easily find a place in a warhammer army. And their Warmachine range has many models that could be used in 40k.

Avatars of War:They do what GW does only better, with a fantasy model range that practically copies GW but beats them on price and  quality. They started out small but have keep on growing with a ever expanding fantasy range. I am always eager to hear what these guys have been working on.

Infinity: Finally a company that does only Sci Fi as opposed to only fantasy. Infinities range works well for imperial guard players who want a unique (and metal) look for characters and elite squads. Their range also includes space Samurai and a range of impressive alien models.

Now its important to keep in mind that the reason why i made this list is not because i dont like GW's Models, quite the opposite i love GWs minis i just think that they are over priced for what they are. I do hope that one day GW starts to decrease the price  of its models but until that day i will gladly buy non GW models for my armies.

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  1. The best thing about GW's high prices is that it offers market space for other companies to compete. Either on price like Mantic or on quality like Avatars of War or Titan Forge.

    If GW's models were substantially cheaper but at the same quality, I don't know if many of these competitors could match them.

    But that's unlikely to be the case. GW as we know and love like to charge extremely high prices, especially here in NZ. Therefore competition from those other companies can only increase.

    For example, once Avatars of War complete their 'Doomcrushers', elite Dwarves with 2 handed hammers, I don't see how GW will ever sell another Hammerer to anyone who knows of Avatars. Certainly you'd be a mug to buy a GW slayer if you knew about the Avatars ones.


  3. @ Tane

    I completely agree, GWs high prices have no doubt contributed to the rise of competition. However now that there is competition i wonder if GW will lower its prices.

    @ Nicholas Jebson

    And then pirates will rule the world (well at least the NZ warhammer scene)