Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Warpfire 2013

Last Saturday (the 15th) i attend warpfire, a 1000 point tournament held in wellington. Going into the event i was cautiously optimistic, hoping for success but aware of the potability of defeat. Unfortunately things did not go to plan at all. Of my 5 games i lost 4 and won one. To focus on the high point the game i won i won well (and it was against dwarfs) so at least there was that. Of the four games i lost i can say that i learnt something from each one, so they weren't a complete loss. Despite my poor showing i did enjoy the tournament and I do plan to return to Warpfire next year.

For now i will leave you with pictures from the event, until next time.


  1. Good to see you at a tournament. Saw your win Dwellers for the win right? :)

  2. Oh yes, Dwellers finally came through for me. Twice. :)

  3. Great to have you along Rex. Tournaments can be a steep learning curve but they really focus the strengths and weaknesses of your list.

    Looks like you learned some lessons and I'm sure you'll build on those.


    1. Thank you Pete, it was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday and i look forward to coming again next year.