Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What? The Dark Elves are coming?

So as i was killing time at work today i happened to notice this sight:

I have also noticed that a fair few other blogs have been making excited posts about the latest Warhammer army book to be announced for release. First let me say that i am impressed by the new dark elf models. They look very dark elfy (yes that's a word, look it up) and i cant wait to see them in the flesh (well plastic). However i do wish to raise a complaint, that being, Where is the new Wood Elf book? Every other Elven race in both Fantasy and 40k has been redone, High Elves, Space Elves, Dark Space Elves and now  Dark Elves have all been redone but the wood elves are left out alone in the dark, cold and sad. That being said GW seems to be updating its Army Books/ Codices at an Aggressive rate so perhaps the wood elves aren’t that far off.

Until next time.

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