Friday, 6 September 2013

The Childern of Man.Sorcerer

After a brief period of time in which i planned how this model would be assembled, I have finished the Sorcerer for my Chaos Marines. Behold.

He is a combination of the chaos marine and warrior kits, with a lot of green stuff used. A modelling knife was used to create the cuts in his armour.

The fluff for this character was important to get right as he is the second in command of the Children of Man and now leads a force of Children; he acts as the right hand of the Man and walks with his authority.

The Chaos Sorcerer known as Rital came to his powers as a result of the corrupted gene seed used by the Man to create his troops. Rital was originally marked down for implantation of the gene seed and would have become a basic foot solider in the Man’s armies. It was only after he had received his armour and the gene seed ruing training that Rital began to change. In the midst of a live fire exercise he suddenly began screaming. The instructors, having become used to marines who suffered ill effects from the gene seed well after implantation, moved in to swiftly execute and dispose of Rital. It was when the instructors where lowering the barrels of their guns to Rital’s head was the true nature of Rital’s condition revealed. With a sudden movement Rital’s hand flung out and did a crushing motion towards the nearest instructor, who promptly imploded. The second instructor was flung so hard up against the concrete wall of the training room that every bone and major organ in his body was reduced to the thickness of a pancake. Rital would have gone on to slaughter the rest of the stunned trainee marines in the room had not the Man himself been present. He strode into the room and with a gesture and a word laid Rital unconscious. Upon  approaching the now unconscious Rital it was revealed that his armoured had fused with his skin and large cracks had appeared long its surface that emitted a deep red glow. It turned out that Rital had latent psykic powers that had been altered and awakened by the corrupted gene seed.

When Rital came to he was in a psykicly- shielded room with the Man, who had with him a tall staff topped with a iron star of chaos and a black and white skull in its center. The Man and Rital talked for many hours, after which the Man and Rital emerged from the room and Rital took his new position as the Man’s second.

Well thats all for now, hopefully some day soon i will complete the final part of the Fantasy and 40k series. Until next time.


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