Monday, 2 September 2013

The Childern of Man. Chosen and Obliterators

After a few days of manic activity i have finally finished modeling my Chaos Space Marine Chosen and Obliterators. Before i go on here they are in all their unpainted glory.

The Obliterators were simply the finecast kit plastic warriors of chaos heads where as the chosen were a combination of the cape and head from the warrior of chaos kit and the front chest piece, legs, arms and weapons from the chaos space marine kit, and lots of green stuff.

Continuing the trend of writing fluff pieces for all the units in this army the following is the fluff pieces for the Obliterators and Chosen. Enjoy.

When the Man came from the  battle fields of the old world to the conflicts of the milky way he did not come alone. He chose from his vast horde in the ruins of Erngard the five most loyal, aggressive, battle trained and deadly warriors to accompany him. These five have gone from terrifying warriors stalking the wastes of Kislev to unstoppable killing machines. It was these five who first the corrupted gene seed such was their loyalty to the Man. These five took the power armour of the five space marines that the man took captive and  fashioned it to suit their liking, they took the best weapons and gear form the skirmishes with imperial forces in order to better protect their dark master. It is rare to see the Man without these five constantly at his back, they all have dedicated their lives to protecting the Man no matter the cost.

The Obliterators that now follow the Man are not, if such a term can be applied, naturally of their form. After the Man saw the success of his scientists in the creation of the corrupted gene seed he decided to let his scientists loose. He gave them whatever components they needed to create whatever they wanted. The next task they set their minds to was attempting to recreate the tech virus that spawned the Obliterators. During his battles on the old world the Man had learned of way to harness war energy and direct it where he pleased, he had learned this from his encounters with the Skaven and their warp lightning cannons and warp energy condensers. IT is not sure how these, now 100% mad, scientists recreated the tech virus but they had recreated a sample of the virus within a month. They then took the 3 most destructive minded marines from the Mans army and placed them in sealed pods, then proceeded to pump these pods full of their recreated tech virus. It took three days and at the end of the third day the pods opened and out stepped 3 Obliterators. It is these 3 who now stride into war unleashing huge destructive energies,  loyal to the Man  the one who they believe gave them their new power.

I hope you enjoyed that. Until next time

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