Friday, 7 February 2014

For Ulric! For The Empire!

A while back i mentioned that i was collecting a Empire army as secondary army, i also mentioned that i was getting it Commission painted to avoid losing painting score at tournaments. Well the first wave is almost complete, below are a few pictures.

The person who had the task of painting these models recently started up his commission service. If you want to see more of his work his Commission post on Dakka dakka can be found here, and his Youtube Channel here.

For those wondering the army is Ulric themed (and yes the guys with hammers and beards are Teutogeon Guard, standing in for great swords). I have a Ar Ulric model en route for my battle wizard and giant two headed wolves as my demigryphs. I will continue to post images of the army as they come. Until next time.


  1. They look good Rex, I look forward to facing them in the future.

    1. Cheers, i look forward to getting to use em, they will be a nice break from the wood elves