Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The NZTC Approaches

The list have been released, and there is less than two weeks to go before the NZTC, New Zealand's premier warhammer team event. With the release of the list i thought it a good time to chat about my first time at the NZTC. First of all lets talk about the lists, they are tough as nails, armed to the teeth and ooze danger. 

Guess who bought the Wood Elves

As the graphic above shows, Warriors of Chaos (Grrr), Empire (Humph) and Dark Elves (Oh My) are the top 3 most popular armies, and there is only one Wood Elf army, one super special fragile snow flake wood elf army.

I am the Captain of the Mathematically accurate 250ths of the Legion of Doom!!!(note that i didn't originally come up with the legion of doom, but i did add to it). In my team i have Herman (Dark Elves), Luc (Ogres) and David (Dwarfs).  Having looked over the lists of the team a good number of times now i think that they are decent lists, all except mine which is down to the fact that they are Wood Elves. 

I am looking forward to the weekend, it will be a good experience and you can be sure that i will take far too many pictures of the event, and then upload all of them. Until next time.

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