Monday, 8 September 2014

The Bloody Road to Skitterleap

Skitterleap this year provides me with a chance to try out a new army. As frequent readers will know i am working on a Mono Khorne Chaos Demon army and have decided to enter it into Skitterleap. As this is a completely different army to the Wood Elves it requires me to practice like i never have practiced before, and practice i did last Thursday during my weekly games night. It just so happened that my regular oppoent Nicholas Jebson (of HMS Distraction fame) also had a new army that he wished to try out, and that army happened to be Dwarves (or Dwarfs if you are GW).

This game would be a big change for both of us as we both lacked a magic phase, which usually plays a big part in our games, Nick did still have some shooting power in his list but it wasn't nearly as maneuverable as he was use to. I had a Skullcannon, which is kinda similar to Trueflight Glade Guards/Scouts/Waywatchers. The game was 1000 points, Nick's List was made of:
Dragon slayer
grudge rune
great weapon, gromril armour with the rune of stone and fortitude and the rune of spite

10 thunderers
handguns, heavy armour, shields
10 thunderers
handguns, heavy armour, shields

21 troll slayers
slayer axes

5 Rangers

My list was made of:

Hearld of Khorne
Lesser Gift

Healrd of Khorne

2x10 Bloodletters
Full Command

3 Bloodcrushers
Full Command and Banner of Swiftness


We set up the table and the began rolling dice. Nick rolled a 5 on his Dwarfy Grudge thing and his army hated mine. I rolled a 6 on the lesser gift tabel giving my general Always Strikes First, yaaay.

I placed my two units of Bloodletters to either side of the firepit, the Skullcannon to the right of said pit along with the Blood Crushers and both Heralds in the left side Bloodletters.

Nick placed both units of Thunders, his Thane and a Gyrocopter in between the forest and huts and the second Gyrocopter, his slayers and Dragonslayer in front of the pit, and the rangers waaay in the back of my lines.

I got first turn and surged forward. My Herald filled Bloodletters stopped in slightly in front of the pit whereas everything else just gunned it forward. My first every Reign of Chaos Roll was the Nurgle one, but it didn't do anything. The skullcannon had a chance to kill the thane but rolled a one to wound. In Nick's turn he cautiously advanced, with his Gyrocopters harrying my units and his Thunder's knocking a wound off the Bloodcrushers.

In my Turn 2 the Bloodcrushers charged the Thunders and lost all but one model (on one wound) to the Stand and Shoot reaction. The right side Bloodletter's advanced slowly and the Skullcannon didn't move much (or do much shooting wise either), in the magic phase i rolled 10, which means that my Ward Save went up by 1 army wide, yaay. The Bloodcrusher killed a few Thunders but didn't die (which was the main thing). In Nick's turn 2 the Slayer's slammed into the Herald filled Bloodletters and the killing began. The shooting phase saw one of the Gyrocopters Steam Boil some Bloodletters (4 to be precise). In the combat phase my general threw down the challenge and the Dragonslayer answered. My general diced the slayer into little piece before he could even blink and not even the death blow of the slayer could harm my general. The rest of the combat went poorly with me loosing 9 Bloodletters (out of 10) and Nick loosing 5 Slayers (out of 17), but then a wonderful thing happened, i rolled a double 1 on my break test and my unit popped back up to full strength, yaay Demons.  I would liked to imagine that the Slayers were alarmed by this development but they were probably just more excited by this.

Turn 3 saw me finally start to make use of the Skullcannon. In the movement phase my Steamed Bloodletters advance towards the unengaged Thunders and the Skullcannon line up a shoot at the Gyrocopter responsible for steaming them. In the magic phase i rolled Tzeentch's Firestorm and did nothing. In the shooting phase the Skullcannon blew up the Gyrocopter, yaay. And in the combat phase the Bloodcrusher slowly chewed his way through the Thunders and the Bloodletters slew all but 5 of the Slayers, although they took some deathblow hits in return. In Nick's Turn 3 the remaining Gyrocopter flew up to block the Bloodletter's advance and the rangers potter around the back of my lines. In the shooting phase a bombing run reduced the right side Bloodletters to two models (and manged to unblock the Bloodletter's advance) and in the Combat phase the Bloodcrusher slowly chewed his way through the Thunders and the Bloodletters slew all the remaining Slayers and turned to face the Rangers.

In Turn 4 both Bloodletter's charged, the right side ones at the Thunders (who killed the Bloodletter's with Stand and Shoot) and the  ones on the left (the Slayer Slayers) at the rangers. The Skullcannon lined up a shot at the Gyrocopter. In the magic phase i rolled possession but Nick didn't have any wizards so it was wasted.  In the shooting phase the Skullcannon rolled a misfire and  5, so no harm done. In the combat phase the Bloodcrusher slowly chewed his way through the Thunders and the Bloodletters killed all buy one ranger, who fled. In Nick's turn 4 he flew the Gyrocopter over to the flank of the Bloodletters and wheeled his remaining Thunders around to face the Bloodcrusher/Thunder combat. In the shooting phase he either bombed or steamed my Bloodletters, killing the remaining Bloodletters and wounding the Heralds. In the combat phase the Bloodcrusher finally broke the Thunders and ran pursed off the board.

In turn 5 there wasn't much to do. I turned the Skullcannon around to face the Gyrocopter and had to move the Bloodcrusher towards the Thunders, there really wasn't anywhere else he could go. I cant remember what i rolled for the magic phase but it didn't do much so it wasn't important. As my final act of the game the Skullcannon blew up the final Gyrocopter.
Nick's turn 5 was comprised soloy of him killing the last Bloodcrusher with the Thunders. After that we called the game and then went on to figure out that i had won, yaaay.

All in all it was a good first game for the Demons. Nick was a great opponent, as he always is. The Dice were certainly in my favour this game, showing me the best of the Demon's random nature. I cant wait until i get the army up to 2000 points. I can only see me enjoying using a Bloodthirster and 2 Skullcannons. Until next time.


  1. Nice to see some Daemons who aren't green doing their thing. Great battle, the stand and shoots were just reaping the daemons.

    Thanks for the report.

    1. No problem, i know you have been interested in how a mono Khorne army would preform, and there will be more reports to come

  2. Excellent. There might be some really exciting times ahead for you if the End Times: Archaon allows you to mix WoC/DoC together. My Chaos army has been in limbo since they split everything apart after 6th so I'm hyped for the possibilities.