Monday, 3 February 2014

How Not To Release a Army

February is finally here. All those rumours that Dwarfs would be arriving in February turned out to be absolutely true. However there is one slight issue, Dwarf players may have to wait until the 3rd week of Feb before they get the actual book, the one with all those (hopefully) nice, shinny up-to-date rules that dwarf players have been waiting years for.

I dont know why GW thought that this would be a good idea, perhaps they thought it would build hype and boost sales for the Dwarfs, but considering that Dwarf players have been waiting eight years and one month for this book i am not sure how much hype three weeks could generate that eight years and one month hasn't.

Perhaps GW thought there was a higher demand for the models than the rules, if this was the case it shows that GW doesn't listen to its fans, as any glance  at a warhammer forum would show Dwarf players eager for a updated rule set for their beloved army.

Or maybe the reason for this bizarre release schedule is to produce a response (miniature wise) to the ever expanding Avatars of War Dwarf range. Maybe they thought that if they produced new Dwarf models this would convince all those Dwarf players who used AOW products to switch back to GW models. And i have to say that, even though i am not a Dwarf player, i wouldn't stop using AOW models because of the new Dwarf models. And its simple: Price.

I thought that when i saw the price of the Hobbit models that part of that price was due to what GW must have paid licensing wise. But thats clearly not the case. Ten Hammerers for Eighty dollars? No thanks i will look elsewhere.

So regardless of why GW hasn't yet given Dwarf players their new army book i think its a foolish decision, one that almost taunts Dwarf players, dangling the army book just slightly out of their reach. And its one i hope they dont continue with going forward. Until next time.


  1. I seem to be hearing this price issue a lot more in respect to Dwarfs and frankly guys are you really surprised? Really?

    This has been the NORM in their pricing for 4 yeas now it wasn't going to change just because of Dwarfs!

    Here are some old kits:

    Grave Guard $81.00
    Bestigors $81.00
    Black Orcs $81.00

    Now here are releases from the last 12 months

    Executioners / Black Guard $80.00
    High Elf Phoenix Guard $81.00
    Lizardmen Temple Guard $81.00

    Annnnnnnnd Hammerers / Longbeards $80.00

    Now the only surprise priced item I can think of in the last 12 months was the tactical squad which remained the same price and the Dark Elf core troops which actually in comparison to other core troops of similar ilk was cheaper.

    And yes same comment posted on Stumpy Heaven ;)

    1. Lets not forget that the space marine commander now costs 44 dollars. I dont understand why people still buy GW models, the prices are just stupidly greedy

    2. Exactly. At these prices The Hobbit seems reasonable. Which is just as well as I prefer that game and models anyway ;)

    3. GW has the monopoly there unfortunately, i dont know of another company that makes LOTR minis

    4. Knight Models makes 35mm scale and then there's Mithril Miniatures a range as old as LOTR itself!